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How refspoof works -- example of the test page and wsj

  • 1 Firefox with installed refspoof -> go to
  • 2 click the "test spoof" http link on the refspoof main page
    The test page is shown and the referrer that was sent
  • 3 if we want just to send the invoking link as the referrer (same as url=ref)
    we can replace http with spoof -- reinvoke the link
  • 4 test the spoofbar enter .. press "spoof:" button - notice the change
  • 5 click (url = ref) button .. press "spoof:" button - notice the change
  • 6 R button controls the general referrer behaviour (using spoof urls sets it to green)
  • 7 red/green no embed referrers are sent / red means no referrer is sent
  • 8 yellow means it takes the referrer value from the refbar
  • 9 so some news papers allow users that come from other sites access for example:
    if invoked regulary we only see the abstract, if invoked with
    or with the static referrer set to we see the full article.
  • 10 so we sometimes just have to reinvoke a resource with a certain referrer
    and we will see the full article:).. image, media etc

  • Troubleshoot: HowTo test if refspoof works on a new profile and revert to the previous profile

  • 1 close Firefox -- note the bookmarks in the toolbar
  • 2 move current Firefox preferences folder to "oldProfile"
    default locations:
    OSX:~/Library/Application Support/Firefox
    WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\<userName>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox
  • 3 open Firefox .. bookmarks gone
  • 4 profile directory new Firefox folder created
  • 5 install from / press yellow allow button
  • 6 refspoof working / open sidebar / goto
  • 7 to hide refspoof toolbar right click the toolbar and deselect option (or use View menu)
  • 8 close Firefox -- note the bookmarks in the toolbar
  • 9 move current Firefox preferences folder to "newProfile"
    move "Firefox" folder back from "oldProfile" folder
  • 10 open Firefox -- note the bookmarks in the toolbar
  • for questions about refspoof follow the info given on the main page
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