FAQ of refspoof

FAQ for the refspoof firefox extension:

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what is it?

it's a firefox only! extension .. newest update runs with firefox version >=1.5

what does it?

easy spoofing of the URL referer (referrer) featuring a toolbar - means allows to pretend to origin from a site by overriding the url referrer (in a http request). -- it incorporates this feature by using the pseudo-protocol spoof:// .. thus it's possible to store the information in a "hyperlink" - that can be used in any context .. like html pages or bookmarks

where is all the help?

if you installed the extension it's included and accessible via toolbar>Options>Help

what improvements are in sight (longterm)?

a bug about further handling (custom) referrers

what's behind this inconsistency of the word refer(r)er?

some say the single r version is intentional some say it's a spelling error - fact is that in the rfc of http spec (rfc=read for comment) it's written with one r ..

what is global referrer control?

firefox has an integrated referrer blocking system accessible via the "network.http.sendRefererHeader" property with 3 states it blocks/doesnt send any referrers if it is set to 0, on 1 blocks referrers on embedded objects and on 2 sends all referrers. it is conveniantly accessible and extended via the new (R) button. (ealier accessible via the "about:config" uri)

can i hide this toolbar?

sure toggle via the application menu>View>Toolbars>refpoof toolbar .. or use the context menu means left (ctrl-click) on an empty space on the toolbar and you see the same toggle menu as before

how to uninstall/deactivate this extension?

use the nice extension manager of firefox (context menu click !!)

can i spoof urls with capital letters?

the referrer domain isn't case sensitive in contrast to the server path ..
an example if you already installed refspoof spoof://;ref://
will show up with the referrer:

For what is the sidebar useful?

it's for online spoofs. a client for a repository is included. go to toolbar>Options>Preferences to enable

can i reformat links or textlinks to spoof urls

there are some greasemonkey scripts included for this purpose .. send me your own if you generated a good one :) to refspoof at gmail dot com

i only want that spoof:// url functionality (ex for mozilla)

you could extract the nsSpoofProtocolHandler.js component and place it in the correct folder in the firefox application tree .. though i think that is for experienced and minimalistic persons only

i only want a simple bookmarklet to enter a custom referrer on the current page

there is one included on the included help page :) for exactly this purpose.

It doesnt work!!!

first try it with a new profile (for me it was static referrer) (as ex move the old profile folder to another directory to force the creation of a new one) and the newest version of firefox
.. if it does work now look which extension might conflict with refspoof and post a comment on the forums page which extension was the culprit
--if it still doesnt also post a comment on the forums page with your system configuration
or if you are a bit more experienced use the !! system
-- also look in the javascript console and post the errors shown there

Is there a way to keep the spoof turned on while I surf the net (wanna set only ONE referer for all my webpage browsing)

yes it's called static referrer .. look at the (R) button

i'd like to be pointed to some spooflist resources

look closely at the end of the included help file :)

i want to use it with Mozilla

the old 0.4 version is available here
and further up is an info how to get spoof:// protocol support only.

Is there way of making all links url=ref for normal browsing?

no! .. spoof urls are case specific .. though you could use greasemonkey to rewrite all http links to spoof links on page load (write a script an send me a mail :) )

my url contains a special sign!! like a ; that is used by refspoof how do i use it anyway

semicolons (;) like spaces really shouldn't appear in an url - so in such a case the character can be masked the procedure is called "url encoding" (google the term)
-- our ; would become %3B .. although a ; doesn't set off the spoof url recognition anymore.

I'd like to have the spoofs opened in a new tab instead of existing window

just press the correct modifier button (command key on ffx for OSX, possibly alt/middle mouse click on windows) while clicking on the link .. or aik use the on windows?

for questions about refspoof follow the info given on the main page
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