What's New
  • Released version 0.9.5 for Firefox only. (2008 07 12)
  • Released version 0.9.1 for Firefox only. (2007 02 12)
  • Released version 0.9.0 for Firefox only. (2007 01 16)
  • Released version 0.8.5 for Firefox only. (2006 09 19)
  • Released version 0.7.9 for Firefox only. (.8 beta)(2006 03 29)
  • Released version 0.7.0 for Firefox only. (2005 06 10)
  • Released version 0.6.5 for Firefox only. (2005 05 13)
  • Released version 0.6.0 for Firefox only. (2004 10 28) no contextual menu at the moment
  • Released version 0.5.0 with FireBird support. (2003 07 10)
  • Released version 0.4.0 with drag'n'drop support. (2002 07 05)
  • Released version 0.3.0 with a "contextual" menu. (2002 07 03)
  • First release of Refspoof Toolbar (2002 06 13)

it works now with firefox 3 (v0.9.5) :)

I actually would like to see some reviews about the extension
on the refspoof page .. if you have some time to spare :) :)

for help, comments or suggestions post at the new refboard
if you want to send some mail use "refspoof AT gmail DOT com" ..
for a short explanation watch the screencasts
if you found a bug use preferrably the bugs page

Click here to test the referer propagation
test here how referrers are handled by https (you need to add an exception to firefox to test this)

go to the refspoof page
and click the green "Add to Firefox" button

if you want to install a version manually get it from the installation page
read the FAQ about "it doesnt work!"

A simple toolbar that allows to load a page with a different referer.

That is up to you.
But if you have a need for this you probably know the answer already. Maybe you want to hide where you really came from, or maybe your a web developer who needs to test some features on your website. Pornzilla might give you another idea ;) ..
or you might want to access a (wsj) newspaper article as if it was posted on (screencast)

I hope not - it's provided as-is. It works well for me but there's always a chance i overlooked something that will screw your mozilla or does something weird to your system. If such things happen please fill in a bug report or send me a mail. You may also try the extension on a new profile to see if the problem persists.

Yep it is .. somehow :) . Boyd the original developer gave me (ernesto) access to the cvs to release new versions where i've rewritten the many parts.

Send it to me in any way mentionned above.

nothing big just a small TODO in the readme.txt file

boyd is french n ernesto is german -- 'nuff said.

for questions about refspoof follow the info given on the main page
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